Android 11 is rolling out to the Xiaomi Mi A3 and bricking phones left and right

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As a rule, whenever we talk about new software updates, especially major ones, we advise you to install as soon as possible, in order to get all the new features and security fixes. Sometimes, though, rollouts are botched and updates do bad things to phones. That’s exactly what seems to be happening to the Xiaomi Mi A3.

The update to Android 11 has started rolling out for this Android One device, but a lot of reports from users have popped up saying that the update is basically rendering their handsets completely useless after installation – this is otherwise known as bricking.

So this time around, if you have a Mi A3 and you get the update notification, we’d say you should probably hold off on installing. You may get lucky, or your New Year’s may be ruined. Not a fun choice, that.

Hopefully Xiaomi gets wind of the situation quickly and pulls the offending update, fixes whatever issue made it brick A3 devices, and then releases it again. Although given the company’s appalling track record with updates for Android One devices, we wouldn’t hold our breath thinking this would happen anytime soon.


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