Apple iPhone 12 Pro Ceramic Shield scratches like regular glass, torture test finds

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The iPhone 12 Pro is the latest phone to enter the JerryRig durability test and unsurprisingly it passed without issue.

What’s also not surprising is that the iPhone’s new Ceramic Shield front glass scratched at the same level as any regular glass screen – at a level 6 on Mohs’ scale of hardness. The scratches do appear fainter, but they’re scratches nonetheless.

Apple has coated the glass with nanoscale ceramic crystals, increasing the glass’ endurance to breaking, not scratching. An interesting side effect of the added ceramic was discovered in the burn test, where the iPhone screen didn’t really get burned, possibly because ceramic, being less conductive to heat, protects the underlying pixels better. Of course this is neither scientific nor particularly applicable to everyday use

Anyway, here’s the full durability test.

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