Canalys: Samsung lead smartphone market in Q3, Xiaomi overtook Apple

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348 million smartphones were shipped between July 1 and September 30 according to the latest report from Canalys. That is 4 million fewer units than the same time last year. On a quarterly basis, the overall market grew by 22% and Samsung was yet again the runaway leader with 80.2 million shipments thanks to whopping 50% jump in smartphone sales during Q3 with improved cost management and the launch of several midrangers.

Coming in at second place is Huawei, the Chinese maker managed a respectable 51.7 million shipments despite its ongoing legal battles. Huawei did decline compared to last year when it managed 66.8 million sales in the same period.

One brand’s loss is another brand’s gain as Xiaomi moved into third place with 47.1 million shipments in Q3 which is a remarkable 45% increase compared to last year. This makes Xiaomi the fastest grower of the past quarter. Even more impressive is the 88% growth Xiaomi saw in Europe, where Huawei’s shipments fell by 25%.

Company Q3 2020
Shipments (in million)
Q3 2020
Market share
Q3 2019
Shipments (in million)
Q3 2019
Market share
Samsung 80.2 23.0% 78.9 22.4% +2%
Huawei 51.7 14.9% 66.8 19.0% -23%
Xiaomi 47.1 13.5% 32.5 9.2% +45%
Apple 43.2 12.4% 43.5 12.3% -1%
vivo 31.8 9.1% 30.1 8.5% +6%
Others 94.0 27.0% 100.6 28.6% -7%
Total 348.0 100.0% 352.4 100.0% -1%

Apple slid down to number four with 43.2 million shipments, but will likely be able to regain the number 3 spot in Q2 thanks to the launch of the iPhone 12 series. In fifth place, we have vivo with 31.8 million sales while the rest of the market combined scored 94 million shipments.


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