Geekbench results for iPhone 12 surface, show modest performance gains

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The biggest phone announcement of the week, month and arguably the whole year is behind us with the iPhone 12 series already official. As Apple has a tendency to not reveal some specs of its phones (specifically RAM and battery capacity) we have to wait for the first benchmark results to get the actual values. These also help gauge the performance of the new chipset. Well, Geekbench is now populated with multiple listings for the new iPhones which give us the RAM capacity and also show us just what the A14 Bionic chipset is capable of in a synthetic benchmarking environment.

Back when Apple announced the A14 platform it promised 40% better CPU performance and 30% better GPU numbers compared to the A12 series. Yes, Apple compared its latest chipset to one from yesteryear instead of last year’s A13 and now it seems that was due to the small performance gains offered by the new chipset.

The listing for the iPhone 12 reveals it comes with 4GB RAM which matches last year’s iPhone 11 series. It pushes 1,588 points in the single-core department and 3,677 points on the multi-core test. It’s assumed the 12 mini also has 4GB RAM. The iPhone 12 Pro (and 12 Pro Max) on the other hand comes with 6GB RAM and manages 1,590 on the single-core test and 3,881 on the multi-core one. Overall single-core scores from the listings range between 1,580 and 1,598 points while multi-core scores vary from 3,800 to 4,002 points.

iPhone 12 (left) and iPhone 12 Pro (right) Geekbench runs
iPhone 12 (left) and iPhone 12 Pro (right) Geekbench runs

iPhone 12 (left) and iPhone 12 Pro (right) Geekbench runs

Compared to last year’s A13 Geekbench listings, the new iPhones offer just under 20% improvement in single-core performance and a mere 8% jump in the multi-core test. The new Geekbench figures further suggest that the A14 chip is more focused on power saving than performance gains which makes sense given the 5G tax on battery life. Peep the full list of iPhone 12 Geekbench runs at the source link below.


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