Google now lets all devices download the lightweight Gmail Go

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Google started introducing Go versions of its apps to go with the lighweight version of its OS. The aim was to bring its services to lower-powered affordable smartphones, sold in developing markets where mobile data is expensive and phones with less RAM are preferred due to their lower price.

However, even those with more powerful devices can benefit from the Go apps with their lower footprint and data consumption in cases when they don’t need their extensive functionality. So eventually Google started removing the artificial restrictions allowing those with full Android phones to download some of the apps.

Gmail Go is the latest to open up to every one, with Google now letting you download it on any phone or tablet.

Gmail Go interface
Gmail Go interface
Gmail Go interface

Gmail Go interface

The Gmail Go app offers the same core features as the regular Gmail app, but needs less RAM and uses less mobile data. You’ll be sacrificing the Google Meet bottom bar and some of the gestures. The UI design is also much more basic with far less eye-candy.

Another thing Google did with the mailing app is capping the framerate, meaning if you use the application on a device with a high refresh rate, Gmail Go will stutter – after all, this is an app optimized for cheap devices with basic screens.

While this app can hardly be recommended for power users, it is a nice way to save space and data if you only need to read the occasional email.

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