Google Stadia gains stable support for streaming over mobile data, at 720p only

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The Stadia game streaming service can now work over a mobile network as the feature graduated from Experimental status to ready for action. You will find a toggle in the Performance settings but first you should be aware of a couple of caveats.

The resolution is capped at 720p, the main reason is data usage to the tune of 2.7 GB an hour. That can easily blow through many people’s monthly data caps, but is still much less than 1080p uses – 12.6 GB an hour.

The new icon shows that you're using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi

Enabling play over mobile data • The new icon shows that you’re using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi

This works over 4G and 5G, as long as you can get a stable connection. You will need to connect the Stadia controller to your phone either over Bluetooth or with a cable (normally, the controller uses its own Wi-Fi connection).

Anyway, once you enable playing over mobile data, you’ll see a new icon on the main screen, so you know you’re using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.


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