Huawei Mate X2 gets certified with 66W charging

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The next Huawei foldable device is expected to be called Mate X2. It is likely to be an entirely new device and not just an update like the Mate Xs was to the original Mate X. One of the changes is a new fast-charging standard – 3C (CCC or China Compulsory Certification) has already certified the phone and listed 66W charging speeds – over 20% faster than the previous two Huawei foldable phones.

Huawei TET-AN00/TET-AN10 (Mate X2) on 3C

We don’t know much about the Mate X2 aside from the fact it will be able to connect on Wi-Fi 6 and will ship with EMUI 11, thanks to a Wi-Fi Alliance listing. So far we’ve heard only rumors that the phone will change its form factor – instead of folding outwards and having one screen split into two smaller displays, it will fold inwards like the Galaxy Fold series.

Having a new form factor means the Mate X2 should bring a new screen on the outward side. One leak suggested at least four cameras on the back and two more facing forward when the device is closed – when it’s open, the selfie shooters won’t be available.

Another design suggested a stylus but so far we have nothing official from Huawei, so we’re still playing the guessing game. Thankfully, with two certifications already in the bag, the Mate X2 is clearly inching closer towards launch when we’ll get all the details.


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