iPhone 12 Pro video teardown goes hunting for magnets

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As usual, following his traditional durability test, YouTuber Zach from the JerryRigEverything channel then goes on to tear down a phone on video. In this case, we’re talking about the iPhone 12 Pro. The device’s Ceramic Shield front glass was found to scratch just like regular glass, but what about what’s underneath?

That’s where the teardown video comes in, to reveal everything that Apple packed inside the iPhone 12 Pro, all the different components and their various connectors. You’ll also notice how hard it is to ‘get in’, along with Apple’s love for a specific type of connector (and many different types and sizes of screws).

The motherboard is double stacked again, the battery has ‘magical’ pull tabs that seem very prone to breaking, the Taptic Engine is smaller this year (the battery too), and there are 18 small magnets arranged circularly around the wireless charging coil to enable MagSafe to work.

See for yourself in the full video below.

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