iPhone Upgrade Program members can now lock in their iPhone 12 Pro Max and mini units

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini will become publicly available for pre-order on November 6 (this Friday), but subscribers to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program can jump to the front of the queue and place their orders now.

Both existing and new subscribers to the program can be pre-approved for a new iPhone, you can start the process through the Apple Store app. You can also check the For You tab to see if you’re eligible for an early order.

This doesn’t mean you get the phone early, but you can lock in your configuration before the Apple Store opens pre-orders to anyone. This will allow you to submit your order quickly, which will make a difference if stock of that particular SKU runs out.

If you want in, you have until 9 PM Pacific time on November 5 to get pre-approved. The Upgrade Program costs $29.12 a month for the mini and $45.79/mo for the Pro Max. Apple Care+ is included in the price.

The first deliveries will be next Friday, November 13 (that’s true for everyone who places an order, not just Upgrade Program members).


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