More Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs leak – WQHD LTPO 120Hz panel confirmed

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be able to run its screen at both 1440p and 120Hz, thanks to a new LTPO-backed panel.

The headliner of Samsung’s January-inbound flagship line is said to have exclusive dibs on the 1440p/120Hz mode, reportedly leaving the Galaxy S21 and S21+ to run at either 1080p/120Hz or 1440p/60Hz.

The other rumor comes up for the second time – the Galaxy S21 Ultra will use an updated 108MP HM3 sensor, which will reportedly be 12% more light sensitive. Samsung is said to be skipping the 3D Time of Flight sensor alongside the 108MP main camera and instead will use laser-assisted autofocus, like on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Finally the Galaxy S21 Ultra will support 45W charging and have virtually equal bezels around the display. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a slightly thicker bottom bezel and tops out at 25W charging.

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