ROG Phone 5 snaps like a twig in durability test

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We’ve grown accustomed to the JerryRig durability tests over the years as a measurement of smartphone build quality. Most recent phones usually pass the test without any noticeable issues but that wasn’t the case with the brand new ROG Phone 5 from Asus.

While havong the standard glass and metal sandwich construction, the device has a weak point along the antenna line on the side frame. With some pressure applied to the back the host was able to crack the frame and fatally damage the internal vibration motor.

Another bend effort completely snaps the display despite the glass panel actually remaining intact. Going around the back and applying more pressure yields a shattered backplate. The USB-C and accessory port on the side appears to be the main weak point of the device but we’ll have to wait for some teardown videos to see what exactly is the underlying issue here.

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