The iPhone notch is here to stay for two more years, popular leakster says

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Apple has scheduled an event for next week when we expect to see four new iPhones. The rumor mill has been silent on the topic of punch holes and notches, leading to the assumption the iPhone 12 lineup will keep the incredibly wide notch that has been part of the screen in the past three years.

A popular leakster revealed on Twitter the notch design will be not only on the iPhone 12, but on the 2021 iPhone 13 as well, although it will get a bit thinner.

This is how thin the iPhone 13 notch will get

We know it is way too early to make such predictions about a phone, expected to arrive in no less than 12 months, but Mr. Ice universe has been reliable and has provided inside information for quite some time, and we choose to trust him on this one.

Apple is clearly not following the trends of holes or waterdrops that others are implementing and will stick to Face ID a bit more. Cupertino is clearly betting on design and is not implementing the questionable solutions like a pill-shaped cutoff that houses all the facial recognition tools, something that Huawei does.

The iPhone notch is here to stay for two more years, popular leakster says

We suspect that Apple will keep up with the infamous notch until the under-display camera becomes mainstream – it is still a boutique feature that can be found in only one smartphone sold in a single market.


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