We now have 3D models of the iPhone 12 family in all colors – check them out

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Starting today you can pre-order an Apple iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, but it will take a week before it arrives. And if you’re interested in the iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 mini, they won’t be out until mid-November. However, with the magic of computers you can see a 3D model of one below – we have all four phones and you can click through all color options.

We partnered with Binkies 3D back in July to add 3D models to the specs pages of popular phones so that you can examine their design more closely – just click on Pictures and scroll down to the model. But we’ll save you the trip, we’ve embedded the new iPhone 12 series in 3D below.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

You can use your mouse or finger to rotate the models, scroll wheel or pinch zoom to get a closer look. We should note that these models represent the mmWave versions of the phones, recognizable by the pill-shaped indentation on the right side, just below the volume rocker. That’s a window for the mmWave antenna and will not be present in all markets.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Go on and have a look. Which color is your favorite? Apple picked blue to be the hero color this year, but it’s a different blue on the Pro and non-Pro models. Also, the glass on the back of the two Pros has a matte finish while the stainless steel perimeter is polished smooth. The two non-Pro iPhones are the other way around, glossy glass and matte metal (aluminum this time).

Apple iPhone 12

You can see that represented in the 3D models, as you spin them around you will see how each material and finish interacts with light.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

The 3D models work in the browser (desktop or mobile) and in our app too. Do let us know if something goes wrong.

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