WhatsApp Users May Soon Be Able to Sync Chat History Across Platforms

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WhatsApp is working to enable syncing of chat history across platforms, according to a report. The new change would particularly be in line with multiple device support that is speculated to debut as a Linked Devices feature. This feature is rumoured to let you use your WhatsApp account on a total of four devices simultaneously. Also, it is unlike the current scenario in which WhatsApp doesn’t sync the chat history once you move your account from one device to another.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp would start syncing chat history across platforms to enable multiple device support on its platform. It would help users seamlessly shift from one device to another.

WhatsApp already allows syncing of chat history when using its Web client and desktop app. However, the WhatsApp beta tracker claims that the messaging app would go further and enable syncing in case of mobile devices as well.

It is also important to point out that WhatsApp would require a Wi-Fi connection to begin the multiple device support process. This would enable sharing of data from one device to another.

However, once the data has been shared, WABetaInfo says that Wi-Fi or Internet won’t be needed on the primary device. This is something new as you currently need an active Internet connection on your mobile device if you’re using WhatsApp Web or its desktop app.

If a user has removed or changed their devices when using multiple device support on WhatsApp, active chats would be notified as encryption key changes. This would be similar to how WhatsApp notifies users when a contact changes their number.

WhatsApp is said to have cross-platform syncing of chat history in the works for iPad users as well. This means that it would enable you to use WhatsApp on both your iPhone and iPad at the same time. An iPad version of WhatsApp has also been in plans for some time.

Similarly, the cross-platform syncing functionality is said to work between desktop and mobile devices. There is, however, no clarity on whether WhatsApp would enable syncing between Android and iPhone devices. This is, of course, quite important in case you have both Android and iPhone and want your WhatsApp data to be synced.

WABetaInfo mentions that WhatsApp was previously working on converting the iOS database to the one compatible with its Android client. Thus, it is safe to expect syncing across Android and iPhone devices as well.

WhatsApp hasn’t made any confirmation around the arrival of its multiple device support that is a part of the rumour mill at least since July last year. Nevertheless, its references surfaced in the recent beta releases – with the latest one showing Linked Devices as its official name.

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